I do repairs on most stringed instruments. Guitars and mandolins are the bulk of my work, but I also perform most operations on banjos, basses, violins, ukuleles, etc. Most of my repair work involves set ups, refreting, and fret dressings, but also expands to neck resets, bridge reglues and bridge plate renewal, and crack repairs. I consult with some of the best repair people in their field if needed.

Restorations often include many of the above, as well as reglueing or replacing loose and broken braces and loose or damaged bindings, making forgery-grade replacement bridges, and replacing fingerboards and fingerboard inlays. I discourage refinishing vintage instruments, but on occasions where the finish has already been stripped or resprayed poorly, I respray clear and sunburst finishes. I can relic a new finish to approximate a vintage finish.

I have set prices for most standard repair work, and offer estimates for all other work. Restorations can become quite involved, and I’m willing to give estimates and advise as to whether the instruments value is worth the work. Some instruments have sentimental value, so repairs far exceeding their actual value are often performed. I usually require a deposit on these.

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